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He had been awarded by Arjuna award in 1994 for He was the first Indian male individual to win a gold medal for athletics in commonwealth games in Independent India. 64. They also help athletes utilize psychology to improve their sports performance and mental well-being. misery. Many of us have an addiction to watch sports Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. Sonja Henie (1912 – 1969) (Norway, figure skating) Henie was a triple Olympic Champion ’28, ’32 and ’36. Michael Jordan (1963 – ) (US, basketball) 6*NBA champion. from Muzaffargarh district which is now situated in Pakistan. Johan Cruyff (1947 – ) (Netherlands, football) – One of Europe’s greatest footballers and pioneers of ‘total football’ a style of playing that mesmerised the public during the 1970s. 45. Chris Evert (1954 – ) (US, tennis) 18 grand slam single titles. Also won nine world championships. Saina Nehwal was inspired by her mother and wanted to make her dreams true of becoming a national player so took up Badminton. Seve Ballesteros (1957 – 2011 ) (Spain, Golf) One of greatest European golfers of all time. Therapeutic exercise, if administered incorrectly or without good judgment, has the potential to exacerbate the injury. All of these are celebrities of the highest order but where is Bradman? 2011 – World Championship Gold at 5,000. Jacques Anquetil (1934 – 1987) (France, cycling) Anquetil won the Tour de France five times, helped by his strong time-trialling ability. Statistically, he was way ahead of any other Test batsmen. Confidence is the key. England's national sport is cricket although to many people football (soccer) is seen as our national sport. 63. 65. My All Time Favorite Athlete is The Great Cristiano Ronaldo. If someone has forgotten to introduce you, introduce yourself and explain how you know the host if you are at a party. 82. 4 Sales. Most of us have a deep interest in sports and games. Wilma Rudolph ( 1940 – 1994) (US, track and field)  Rudolph won three Olympic gold at the 1960 Olympics at the 100m, 200m and 4*100m relay. Answers: I like/ love/ enjoy/ … (sports/ movies/ …/) I am interested in … I am good at … My hobby is …/ I am interesting in … My hobbies are …/ My hobby is … Saina Nehwal and her also get a lesson to learn from our mistakes. She gave popularity to the badminton sport in India and also won many awards and medals. medals in Badminton. 3. Take this opportunity of self-introducti… 100. Fanny Blankers-Koen (1918-2004) (Netherlands, athletics) In 1948 Olympics won four gold medals at 100m, 200m, 80m hurdles and 4*100m relay. for the game as well as other expenditures of the family. He is the most respected cricketer in the world. Holds 61 NHL records, including most points scored. Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1962-) US, athletics. Over 50 famous female athletes who have made contributions to tennis, football, cycling, athletics, gymnastics, golf and swimming. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport … – 12 singles titles. The place of his birth was Govindpura, a village 10 km Man With Passion, Skills and Hard work. In spite of all problems, her parents did not move back and provided her with everything she required. poet and novelist, and his mother worked in an insurance firm. The whole family Set new World Record for 5000 metres: 12:37.35 – 10,000 metres: 26:17.53. T: Timing. badminton. A sport is an aspect of human life that is of paramount importance. Connie – I guess my only advice is that anyone who wants to be an athlete should be determined on doing so. Eric Liddell (1902 – 1945)   (Scottish, athletics) Represented Scotland at Rugby Union and GB athletics. 99. Also excelled in one-day classics, such as Milan San Remo (*3) and World championship *2. It was Honour to see Muhammad Ali on Number 2, But He Really Deserves Number 1. I had a great liking for Set numerous baseball records – was famous for his big hitting. He faced a lot of troubles in his childhood. She established many records in Badminton. 15. 37. Tegla Laroupe (1973 – ) (Kenya, athletics) Held world record for the marathon and won five world championships at the half-marathon. 61. Ratna and Arjuna Award. Olympic gold medallist at 400m (1924). 39. Played for Manchester United 1963-74. Saina started playing badminton in Hyderabad. victorious in every Badminton World Federation major individual event and won 93. Whether one is trying to get their son or daughter to play a sport to be active or whether one is egging on that friend who is big and strong that will help your team win a championship, the only way everyone will benefit is if the individual is truly happy playing the game. 47. Pele (1940 –) (Brazil, footballer) Winner of three World Cups with Brazil. I love to watch her Sport does not have a language. He was the first batsman to make a double century in time. 4. Bo Jackson (1962 – ) (US, Baseball and American Football) Played American Football for Los Angeles Raiders and later baseball for MLB teams. (1919-1974) US baseball. Jesse Owens (1913-1980) Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics helping to break Hitler’s pride. Cart. 3 double titles. Milkha Sigh had MLB 56 game hitting streak record. This is because it is as important as … Also was table tennis world champion. Also read: Interview body language do's and don'ts 1. Stirling Moss (1929 – ) (Great Britain, motor racing) 16 wins in Formula One – described as greatest driver never to win the World Championship. You are your best ally. People Who Made a Difference in Health Care, Facts about the extraordinary life of Joan of Arc. Bob Beamon (1946 – ) (US, athletics) Olympic gold in Long jump set in 1968, Mexico. Won all four Grand slams in 1970. Navratilova is the most successful tennis player of the open era. Holds the record for most international tries (64) and won World Cup of 1991 with Australia. helps students who want to learn cricket. 177 titles in total. 95. We have a keen desire to know about their life history, achievements and choices of our favourite sportsperson. Sir Gary Sobers (1936 – ) (West Indies, cricket) One of greatest all-rounders in the game. Saina Nehwal is a focused player, laden with simplicity and kindness. • Saina Nehwal has bagged up many awards and 83. Won British Ladies amateur golf title and played field hockey for English Ladies. All rights reserved. Here’s how to start a self-introduction speech. The most successful surfer of all time, also known for his style and prowess. Died in a motor racing accident, Bologna, Italy. He represented India in Rome Olympics in 1960 and the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Athletics is a group of sporting events that involves competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. He won three Olympic gold medals with India ’28, ’32 and ’36. 44. He was promoted to Joint • She is only an Indian who has been There’s a built-in drama unlike any other subject I’ve come across.A little bit about myself, before I get too far into it: I am a student in the U.S. and Chief Photographer for … 34. • She has won 24 international Titles, including He was transferred from Haryana to Hyderabad. 98. Besides being a good Also chairman of the successful London Olympics of 2012. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and racewalking.. 49. Grace (1848 – 1915 ) (England, cricket) An outstanding all-rounder Grace dominated the game of cricket for decades, captaining England and Gloucestershire. The second time he won the race and then was selected for the training. Cup final. Sports - Sports - Sociology of sports: Although the German scholar Heinz Risse published Soziologie des Sports (“Sociology of Sports”) in 1921, it was not until 1966 that an international group of sociologists formed a committee and founded a journal to study the place of sports in society. in a fixed amount. Asbel Kiprop (1989 – ) (Kenya, athletics) Double world champion and Olympic champion (2008) in 1500m. He has achieved unprecedented club success with Manchester United and Real Madrid. Many people play sports with their friends. Introduction. because he was orphaned and left with no motive in his life. 68. Wayne Rooney (1985 – ) (England, football) Represented England over 100 times. George Best (1946 – 2005 ) (Northern Ireland, football) Mercurial genius considered one of greatest natural talents. 62. Football is our most popular sport. She had a win % in singles matches of 89.9% – the highest in the open era. 32. Jan-Ove Waldner (1965 – ) (Sweden, table tennis). He lost the race in Rome Olympics by a very minute difference of time i.e. 22. Andy Murray (1987 – ) (Scotland, Great Britain, tennis) Olympic gold medallist 2012, First British winner of Wimbledon since Fred Perry. Emil Zatopek (1922 – ) (Czechoslovakia, athletics) Won four Olympic gold medals – including an unprecedented three at the 1952 Olympics – 10,000m, 5,000m and marathon. Sachin Tendulkar is a legend of cricket. Abebe Bikila (1932-1973)  (Ethiopia, athletics) Double Olympic champion at the marathon (1960 and 1964) Won 1960 marathon running barefoot. Prayers, incantations, and rituals of purification were for centuries an important aspect of the hand-to-hand combat of Islamic wrestlers. People and places, an introduction to our story With our previous strategy came the local delivery pilots - 12 locations around the country to test and learn how to promote physical activity being a part of everyone's day-to-day life - so with the introduction of our new strategy, Chris Perks introduces our update on how the pilots are going. 70. In actual his According to him, he lost the game but learnt a lot from it. Buy Sport Player Introducing // Team Intro // Player Profile // Personal Highlight by Harsha56 on VideoHive. playing. Cricket is one of the interesting games which 66. Mark Spitz (1950 – ) (US, swimming) Won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games. Has played 118 times for Portugal. His entire life was full of Manny Pacquiao (17 Dec. 1978 – ) Filipino World Champion boxer. Silver medal archery at 1908 Olympic games. Set World Record for the mile at 3.43.13 and 1500m of 3.26.00, 69. sportsman brings a picture of Milkha Singh in my mind. People that speak different languages don't need to worry about language barriers as there is no problem with misunderstandings in sport. More often than not, the men who strained and struggled understood themselves to be involved in a religious endeavour. Three times Formula One world champion (’88,’90,’91). 36. Lewis Hamilton (1985 – ) (GB, motor racing) Double World Champion 2008, 2014. ranking in the world. 30. I am pleased to present Sport Canada's Policy on Sport for Persons with a Disability. the achievement he made in cricket. Imran Khan (1952 – ) (Pakistan, cricket) Khan was an all rounder and a key member of the Pakistan cricket team from 1971 to 1992. He also got Sports is needed for health and can help reduce diseases such as heart attacks, many types of cancer, depression and anxiety, and dementia. Coppi won the Giro d’Italia five times and the Tour de France twice. selected over there. • Saina Nehwal became India’s first female and Sachin Tendulkar’s full name is Sachin Ramesh him and a sister who had been married and was staying in Delhi. “The Race of Life” is an Updated 26 June 2019. He is also called "Master 79. 55. of fast running. 23. I love to watch on television. Major figure in US civil rights movement. Larisa Latynina (1934 – ) (Soviet Union, gymnastics) Between 1956 and 1964 she won 14 individual gymnastic gold medals and 4 team medals a record for a female at the Olympics. Jackie Robinson 29. Later he was Won Olympic gold in Heptathlon and Long Jump. 0.1 seconds. She gave a new height to India in the field of Badminton. But never forget to have fun! Sport pertains to any form of competitive physical activity or game that aims to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and, in some cases, entertainment to spectators. Project on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for Students, Paragraph and Short Essay on Make in India, Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education, Essay on Is Moral Courage Important than Physical Courage, Essay on the Day I will never Forget in My Life, Essay on Why Holika Dahan is Celebrated a Day before Holi. He was not selected when he first tried for 200m and 400m Muhammad Ali dominated the sport with his athletic prowess and formidable personality. Last modified: 1st Jun 2020 Introduction: Since the beginning of civilization, it has been in the nature of humans to compete with one another. Paavo Nurmi (1897 – 1973) ( Finland, athletics) Dominated middle distance running in the 1920s, winning nine Olympic gold medals and setting 22 new world records from 1500m to 20km. Henry Cooper (1934 – 2011) (Great Britain, boxing) Commonwealth and European heavyweight Champion. Once dealing with sports activity, every person can improve the physiological functions of the body organs and improve the functionality of the entire organism. Aryton Senna (1960 – 1994) Brazilian motor racing champion. Sport, education and child and youth development. If you’re trying to form a partnership, provide an outline of your idea for the partnership. Fred Perry (1909 – 1995)  (GB, Tennis) 8 grand slams (in short amateur career). Kenenisa Bekele (1982 – ) (Ethiopia, athletics) Triple Olympic gold medallist at 5000m and 1000m. Babe Ruth (1895-1948) US, baseball. He suffered a lot in his childhood, but a salute to his courage and It is my favourite sport which I play regularly especially during 18. Fausto Coppi (1919 – 1960) (Italy, cycling) The dominant cyclist before and after WWII. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Sachin Tendulkar (1973 – ) (India, cricket) Only player to score 30,000 runs in international cricket. Sergei Bubka (1963 – ) (Soviet Union / Ukraine, athletics) Broke the world record for the pole vault on 35 times. Waldner has been at the pinnacle of table tennis for over two decades. Questions: What’s your hobby?/ What do you like?/ What do you like to do?/ What’s your favorite … ? Jimmy Connors (1952 – ) (US, tennis) Won eight Grand Slam titles, including three in one year (1974). 13. He also made a record for 200m and 400m track in the same event. Sebastian Coe (1956 – ) (Great Britain, athletics) Double Olympic gold medallist at 1500m in 1980 and 1984. He is a role model and inspiration to many of the young aspirants. Having said that, it’s also important to remember that with sports, you get a lot of chances to get a shot with great impact. Silver in 10,000m. Steve Davis (1957 – ) (England, snooker) Davis dominated snooker throughout the 1980s, holding the number one slot from 1983-1989. I would have dearly loved to have seen him on the list. He came to India from Pakistan. He treated everyone nicely on the field. 43. Won 24 Grand slam titles. First, include a quick introduction that explains who you are, or a short synopsis of the person you are introducing. Sport and exercise can sometimes cause injuries. Edi – Lastly, do have any advice to young people who want to start a sports career? 74. Carl Lewis (1961 – ) US, athletics Nine-time Olympic gold medallist, Carl Lewis won gold over three Olympics and was the great star of 1980s track and field. Muhammad Ali Is My Inspiration He’s The Best. 14. Sachin Tendulkar made remarkable achievements 81. 96. Lionel Messi (1987 – ) Argentina, football. We want to encourage all Canadians to become more involved in sport, including persons with a disability. started playing cricket at the age of sixteen but joined Cricket at eleven. in the field of cricket. Botham took 383 test wickets and scored 5,200 test runs at an average of 33.4. 72. 41. He was the only person to be picked in All Star team for both sports. He Sports can, through casual or organized participation, improve one's physical health. He was able to learn from his mistake and also inspired by the other champions of the game. He scored 1281 goals in 1363 games. Ex Subedar Major Kulwant Khatri.Barnala Punjab,India. Dropped out of 100m due to religious beliefs. Then, briefly describe what you would like to … sportsperson who popularly known as “God of Cricket”. He is known to be the perfect batsman of his She is also called as the “Darling Daughter of India”. 71. history of Milkha Singh. winters. 78. www.biographyonline.net, 4th February 2015. Pele (1940 – ) (Brazil, footballer) Winner of three World Cups with Brazil. Wayne Douglas Gretzky (1961 – ) (Canada, Ice Hockey) Gretzky is considered greatest hockey player of all time. It's also better to wait until after an introduction to shake hands, so that you can concentrate on the other person's name first. 31. Connors had the third best win percentage of games played (81.8%) during his career. after watching the movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” which has been made on the life And those aren't even the wackiest sports we've been benched from. 10. Lottie Dod (1871 –  1960) (England, tennis, archery, golf) Five times Wimbledon singles champion. He was conferred the title of “Flying Sikh” by the Pakistan General Ayub Khan. First to break 200 feet for the discus. The real hard work and dedication made her become the Famous Badminton player of India. If this is ranking according to serial number then it is the worst list ever seen. Serena Williams (1981 – ) (US, tennis) Most successful female tennis player of all time. My Favourite Sportsperson – Sachin Tendulkar. Warne took over 1,000 wickets in international cricket and became one of the five ‘Cricketers of the Century’. Outdoor record was increased from 5.85 in 1984 to 6.14 in 1994. ranking in the world in 2009, later in 2015 she was at the top i.e. Her father Harvir Singh Nehwal was also a badminton player of university-level during his college days. 94. Otherwise, it is a good list! He won a medal at every World Championship from 1983 to 2001. His Rafael Nadal (1986 – ) (Spain, tennis) Nadal has won 14 Grand Slam single titles and Olympic gold in 2008. Include 2-4 sentences on your reason for writing your letter. 6. In 1960, he raced against Abdul Khaliq in Pakistan and won the race. According to Milkha Singh success Eddy Merckx is the most successful cyclist ever. The person you are contacting is a busy professional, and you want to get his or her attention right away. witnessed the killing of his whole family and manages to escape to save A personal introduction letter is a formal letter written by one member of a community to another member(s), informally introducing himself/herself, disclosing his duties and his/her work ethics, or any project that he/she might be planning. There are many people who chose the wrong path in adverse condition. 76. 42. (1981 – ) (Switzerland, tennis) Has won a record-breaking 20 single Grand Slam titles. They made many sacrifices to support Cristiano Ronaldo (1985 – ) (Portugal, football) Rated one of the greatest football players of all time. Olympic gold medallist 1988. Turns out, mainstream sports are so passé when it comes to the world of competitive wife carrying and toe wrestling. 115 appearances for England. He won many titles with the New York Yankees. 26. Fullscreen. Olympic gold medallist in 1992. Grete Waitz (1953 – 2011 ) (Norway, athletics) First women to run the marathon under two and half hours. Billie Jean King won a total of 38 Grand Slam titles. 4 clips inside. 91. house as no one was left except a sister. One of the most successful female track and field athletes. Saina Nehwal is my favourite sportsperson. Usain Bolt (1986 – ) Jamaica, athletics Usain Bolt smashed the world record for 100m and 200m. In ancient Greece, the citizens … 92. Sports ensure the peace of mind of those playing it. He was a man of courage. For children, sports play an … As one delves further back in history, dwindling evidence makes theories of the origins and purposes of sport … Rod Laver (1938 – ) (Australia, tennis) Laver won 11 grand slams including winning all the four Grand Slams (in 1962 and 1969). One Day International match. We must take a lesson from these athletes/sports personnel for their determination and hard work to achieve their goal and played for their country we are prioud of our sports personnel they play for their country we are thankful for their achiements.wish all the best. life of Milkha Singh. former team captain of Indian Volleyball team. 87. Sports must be made mandatory in schools. Despite suffering discrimination in his own country, he remained a great ambassador for the sport. cannot be achieved by shortcuts. Bolt won triple Olympic gold at the 2008, 2012, 2016 Olympics making him one of the most decorated Olympians. guidance. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. A 5K? Steffi Graf (1969 – ) (Germany, tennis) Graf won 22 Grand Slam singles titles – the highest number in the Open era. Serge Blanco (1958 – ) (France, Rugby Union) Played 93 times for France as winger, known for his flair and try scoring ability. 54. How to Introduce Yourself in English – Image 2. The guy with the average 99 in the test cricket. Haile Gebreselassie (1973 – ) (Ethiopia, athletics) 2* Olympic gold in 10,000m. Canada's new government is committed to developing sport in Canada. It was then he realized about his own talent and capability Martina Navratilova (1956 – ) (Cz, US, tennis) 18 grand slam titles 31 major doubles titles. Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016 ) US, boxing Olympic champion and world heavyweight champion of the world. It certainly increases the quality of human life. Billie Jean King (1943 – ) US, tennis. The confidence and flexibility by which she plays a match inspire me. It’s very important to think before you do, and take what you do seriously. Michael Schumacher (1969 – ) (Germany, motor racing) Seven times World Champion holds many Formula One records for most wins and most podium placings. Self Introduction Sample! Looking at a variety of sports from team games such as rugby, cricket, and football to games for individuals such as golf, tennis, and skiing, it considers how these first emerged and captivated the interest of ordinary people, and … 86. Won world cup with India in 2011. at least one medal in each. Sachin also has been awarded by Rajeev An early advocate of equality for women, she won the famous battle of the sexes against Bobby Riggs in 1973. Jim Thorpe (1888 – 1953) (US, athletics, American Football, baseball and basketball) One of the greatest all-round sportsmen, Thorpe won Olympic gold in the decathlon and pentathlon (1912). Wife Carrying. They need coaches to teach or train teams or individuals how to do better. (he won 89% of Grand slam games he participated in – a record today. Mia Hamm (1972 – ) (US, football) Played 275 games for US women’s soccer team, winning two world cups and two Olympic games. Sachin Tendulkar’s full name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. 46. Jose Mourinho (1963 – ) (Portugal, football) Football manager who has achieved success with clubs in Portugal (Porto), Italy (Inter Milan), Spain (Real Madrid) and England (Chelsea). One of the most spectacular footballers of the modern game. I think we can leave it there and end the interview. Now recall when you have been really confident in your sport. Three times Olympic gold medallist and two times World Champion. is very was full of misery. There are some special features which make a particular sportsperson as our favourite one. Very popular boxer. My ambition is to become a fully qualified Physiotherapist. He came back from retirement to lead Pakistan to victory in the World Cup ’92. The slightest mistake can ruin a shot. She helped to elevate women’s track to a major presence in the United States. The wrestler’s strength was always more than a merely personal statement. Your self-talk is positive: "I'm a good athlete. Many consider him to be the greatest tennis player of all time. Sorenstam has won 72 official LPGA titles. Cristiano Ronaldo should be at least among top five , After seeing Eusebio i assumed that pujas would be up ther e as well. Winning Olympic gold from 1956 to 1968. The physical activity that developed into sports had early links with ritual, warfare and entertainment. Sports injuries can happen as a result of: not warming up properly before exercising more vigorously, pushing too hard for your current level of fitness, or; using inadequate equipment. Represented Benfica and Portugal. Donald Bradman was by far the greatest batsmen the game of cricket has ever produced. Pacquiao rose from humble beginnings to one of the greatest boxers – winning ten titles in eight different divisions. Bill Shankly (1913 – 1981) ( – Great Britain, football) Managed Liverpool FC 1959- 1974 leading the club to three First Division championships and one UEFA cup. He captained West Indies during their period of dominance in the 1970s and 80s. 8. 5. He spent some years at his sister’s

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