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The 2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit, initiated this year, builds on putting together two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: EuCNC, in its 30 th edition of a series, supported by the European Commission; the 6G Summit, in its 3 rd edition, originated from the 6G Flagship programme in Finland, one of the very first in its area. Nevertheless, European governments and the EU strictly refuse to impose a lockdown, as would be necessary to contain the pandemic. /Olivier Hoslet/AFP /Olivier Hoslet/AFP The acceleration of COVID-19 cases across Europe has led to an EU summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Brussels to no longer be held in person, said a spokesman for European Council chief Charles Michel. In Germany, the head of the Roland Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, warns that the number of new daily infections will rise to 100,000 if the current trend is not halted. But the capitalist governments are organically incapable of doing this. © Menlo Media S.L. In the days leading up to the summit, there had already been a fierce exchange of blows between Brussels and London. More highlights will be announced soon! Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa made Executive President of Holaluz - a Spanish scale-up that's been revolutionising the energy sector for nearly a decade. Von der Leyen accused Britain of importing 21 million vaccine doses from the EU without delivering a single one to the EU. EU-Africa Green Talk "Circular Economy and Africa´s Green and Sustainable Future". EU-Startups Summit 2021 » The EU-Startups Summit 2020 will gather over 1,500 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs, and media from across Europe. The business-oriented Institut für deutsche Wirtschaft (IW) recently calculated how much Germany will have to increase arms spending in the coming years to keep its commitments to NATO: An additional €86 billion by 2024, almost twice as much as the current annual defence budget. The ruling class everywhere is responding by fuelling nationalism. Below you’ll find some of the speakers we already announced. News EU summit to tackle vaccination drive, receive Joe Biden The European Union heads of state and government are meeting to talk pandemic … With this Policy Summit, OpenForum Europe aims to facilitate an engaged and informed dialogue between a large array of stakeholders, who work at the intersection of politics and technology. The EU-Startups Summit will gather over 1,500 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs, and media from across Europe. Here, too, the focus is not on human lives but profit interests and geopolitical goals. The EU has failed to provide the necessary production capacity. The EU Sent 21 Million Shots to the U.K. (3:04 p.m.) The EU has exported 21 million vaccine doses to the U.K., a European Commission official said, on condition of anonymity. There were also fears that a trade conflict over vaccines could disrupt the supply of components needed for their production from other countries. “The EU may well consider China a strategic rival and an economic competitor. 2021, Düsseldorf, Germany Throughout Europe, outrage and resistance to the governments’ reckless coronavirus policies are growing. During the EU-Startups Summit, we’ll also have a big pitch competition with 15 of Europe’s most exciting early-stage startups. CEO of Talent Garden - the leading European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community. Frédéric Mazzella is the co-founder and President of BlaBlaCar. So far, only 62 million of the EU’s 450 million inhabitants have been vaccinated once and 18 million of them twice. The Porto Social Summit, organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU for May 2021, will be an opportunity to marshal forces in order to renew the commitment to the implementation of the Social Pillar at the highest political level. Exports should depend on how others behave.”. Germany and the EU are responding to this “predicament” with a massive military buildup to pursue their own imperialist interests in the escalating geostrategic conflicts. More highlights will be announced soon! The pre-selected startups are going to pitch their business idea with a 3-minute-presentation in front of our attendees and an expert jury of well known investors. The Netherlands in particular, and to some extent Germany, which have intensive trade relations with Britain, tried to play it cool. CEO of Housfy - a rapidly growing proptech startup that is digitalising the real estate industry. Most recently Holaluz did an IPO. They overwhelmingly welcomed the election of Biden last November. CEO of The Family - a European organisation that nurtures Entrepreneurs through Education, Unfair Advantages & Capital. Neoantigen Summit Europe is your end to end industry guide to creating truly personalized neoantigen vaccines & cell-based immunotherapies Running digitally for 2021, the 4 th Neoantigen Summit Europe is industry-led meeting dedicated to the robust prediction, identification and validation of neoantigens to develop potent tumorigenic immune responses. on the main stage and workshop stage at this year’s EU-Startups Summit. Thursday’s European Union summit demonstrated once again that the EU is neither able nor willing to offer its citizens even the most minimal protection against the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll have fireside chats with internationally successful founders, great networking opportunities (AI-based matchmaking, video calls, session chats, etc. There are also fierce national tensions within the EU, which were vented at the summit. Compared to many other major tech events, we keep our ticket prices affordable, starting at €169 for startup founders and wantrepreneurs, €349 for investors, and €449/€590 for corporates and service providers. In order to sign in, enter the email address you used to registered for the event. Previously he founded Evernote. 06 Apr. In France, the number of new infections rose above 45,000 on Wednesday, the highest since November last year. Meanwhile, the US remains Germany’s largest export market, the most important destination of foreign direct investment and a crucial provider of advanced, including foundational and emerging technology. Portugal’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said on Thursday that “Portugal’s presidency of the European Union (EU) in the first half of 2021, will have a summit meeting between Europe and Africa. After a long palaver, a decision was finally taken: the summit will be postponed to … This year was supposed to be crucial for Africa-Europe relations, culminating in the sixth AU-EU Summit, scheduled for 28 and 29 October in Brussels. Tue 23 Mar 2021 14.31 EDT Last modified on Tue 23 Mar 2021 15.15 EDT A virtual summit of EU leaders, where the issue of vaccine bans is top of … His words fell on receptive ears, as the European powers increasingly view China, a rising economic power, as a rival in the export of high-value industrial goods and influence over Central Asia, Africa, and other regions of the world. 06 Apr. We’ll welcome about 70 high-profile speakers (successful entrepreneurs, investors, etc.) The fierce national conflicts further undermine the inadequate measures against the pandemic. Conference / Workshop. The virus, which knows no national borders, can only be defeated through coordinated international action. Mitsotakis has pledged to raise the issue during an upcoming EU summit on January 21, declaring that “there is an urgent need for a high-level EU-wide mobilization to move things forward.” Vaccine passports have previously been touted by the EU , with officials suggesting back in April that visa applicants would also be required to be vaccinated. Until now, an export ban had only been possible if a company had not fulfilled its delivery obligation to the EU. And Berlin may find much to criticize about China’s economic policies and an uneven level playfield. Sign in to Apps On Cloud Summit 2021 EU. On the 28th-30th of April, we’re hosting the 7th edition of the EU-Startups Summit, bringing together around 1,500 like-minded participants, including founders, tech teams, angel investors, venture capital firms, corporates Recognition on the Kafka Summit Europe 2021 website with your headshot and bio Adoration of your peers Important dates: Call for Papers opens: November 17, 2020 Call for Papers closes: January 17, 2021 == Please review . Shareworks by Morgan Stanley provides innovative and intuitive equity solutions that help private and public companies realize the full potential of equity compensation. Once completed, you will receive an email with a verification link. The EU Open Source Policy Summit will bring this squarely into the policy discussion. In practice, such a ban had only occurred once, when Italy banned the export of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Australia. But even if this were to be the case, which, based on past experience, is anything but certain, the quantity would not even be enough to vaccinate half of the 70 percent needed to stop the further spread of the virus by the middle of the year. In particular, they categorically refuse to close non-essential production facilities, schools and day-care centres, even though it has now been proven beyond doubt that schools are among the most important vectors for spreading the pandemic and that pupils and parents are far more susceptible to the new variants of the virus than the original one. The main event will take place on April 28-30, from 10am to 6pm. 本年9月の国連食料システムサミット2021は、食料を「システム」の視点で捉えて、その持続性の確保を世界的共通課題として議論し、今後のあるべき姿を示そうとする各国ハイレベルによる初めての国際会議です。. This Summit… The interests of big business and corporate profits take precedence over the health and lives of working people in every respect. With flexible solutions to manage your plans your way, insightful reporting that makes informed decisions easy and simple-to-use applications no matter where in the world they’re used, we help your workforce feel more connected. In future, exports are to be stopped if a recipient country already has much more vaccine than the EU or if it obtains vaccine and does not allow exports itself. In the evening, US President John Biden spoke to the EU summit participants via video link to convince them of his confrontational course against China and Russia. Co-founder of Basecamp, creator of Ruby-on-Rails, and author of many best-selling business books. The European Cloud Summit will be postponed to 29 November - 01 December 2021. By Euronews with AP • Updated: 23/03/2021 Joe Biden has been invited to meet with the European Council - Copyright Susan Walsh/Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. But no-one can wish away the fact that China is of major economic importance to Germany. Sendbird makes real-time interactions available through easy-to-access APIs on top of a fully managed platform. The ‘European Social Economy Summit’ is a jointly organized conference by the European Commission and the City of Mannheim at the 26 – 27 May 2021 in Mannheim. This also applies to the procurement of vaccines, which was at the centre of the EU summit. Spaces offers creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit and a great community. Open this link to automatically sign into the However, the aggressive action of the US against China puts Europe, and especially Germany, “between a rock and a hard place,” as the pro-government German think tank DGAP wrote in an English-language article. She accused Boris Johnson’s government of withholding vaccine supplies from AstraZeneca, which has so far delivered only about a quarter of the agreed 120 million doses to the EU. CEO of Airsorted - the proptech startup is active in 20+ cities and has generated over €115 million in bookings for its hosts. Thursday’s European Union summit demonstrated once again that the EU is neither able nor willing to offer its citizens even the most minimal protection against the coronavirus pandemic. In the evening of both days we’ll also have a nice after-party for continued networking. The day before the summit, the EU Commission tightened up the rules for vaccine exports. CEO of Glovo - a Spanish unicorn (over €465 million in funding) which is one of the world’s fastest growing on-demand delivery players. Catalonia Trade & Investment is the public agency that works to attract foreign investment to Catalonia, promoting the area as attractive, innovative and competitive business location. So far, pharmaceutical companies have delivered only 88 million vaccine doses to the EU. CEO of Maria 01- a huge coworking space in Helsinki that set out to become Europe’s largest startup campus. SAVE THE DATES 23-25 April 2021 In this issue of breathe, CEO of EU-IPFF Liam France, for example, is taking a much tougher stance, and the German media are also promoting a trade war. The three-day virtual event is a great opportunity for networking, and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies. Michel and Von der Leyen are expected in Ankara to stress that the EU will not … CEO of BOOM - a hyper-growing tech startup from Milan that provides high-quality photographic solutions. European Council President Charles Michel speaks during an EU summit video conference, as seen on screen at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France March 25, 2021. Below you’ll find some of the speakers we already announced. Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces wants to redefine the way work is done. The seven-day incidence (the weekly number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants) is over 500 in five European countries, with Estonia leading the way with 708, followed by Hungary (658), the Czech Republic (527), Montenegro (517) and Serbia (503). Germany is going to be one of them.”. As the 27 EU leaders met for their video conference on March 25, the infection and death toll across Europe was once again soaring dramatically. Published: 03.03.2021. But then COVID-19 happened. China is the largest and fastest-growing market for many German companies. This means that just 10 percent of the population can be fully immunised against the virus. Serial entrepreneur who is also the co-founder and former CEO of Runtastic. CEO of GuestReady - the tech-enabled short-term rental management company operating in fifteen cities across Europe and Asia. The three priorities for the EU in the action plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights On April 28-30, 2021, we’re going to host our annual EU-Startups Summit online! At the event we’ll showcase a selection of Europe’s hottest startups and come together to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs of our time.AttendeesMeetingsFoundersInvestorsSpeakers. Its aim is to strengthen the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions. Others, like Hungary, have ordered vaccines from Russia and China, which the EU strongly opposes because it undermines its confrontational course against these countries. After several telephone calls between Johnson and European heads of government, the waves were somewhat calmed at the summit. Digital. In Slovakia, Prime Minister Igor Matovič’s decision to order 2 million doses of the Russian vaccine even triggered a government crisis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Austrian head of government Sebastian Kurz, both Christian Democrats, clashed violently at the summit because Kurz threatened to veto the decision to give poorer countries—but not Austria—some extra doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. - All rights reserved. Check their offerings and the Catalonia Startup Directory. Blaženka Divjak, minister for Science and Education of Croatia 'We are all aware of the anxieties of students, teachers and parents, and we are therefore doing our best to help them navigate through the many challenges facing the education sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, inclu… Read more. Commission President urges EU wide implementation now, warning that sooner or later Google and Apple will get involved. European conference on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and Power Platform | 29.11.-01.12. The deadline for applications was on March 15. At the same time, new strains are constantly developing against which the vaccines are less effective. The European Commission is organising a Summit Against Racism on 19 March 2021 at the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March). At the summit, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that three times more vaccine would be available in the second quarter than in the first. The intensification of China-US competition will create many losers. On 16 & 17 November, EBS2020 live-streamed 30 high-level panels and interactive interviews featuring over 60 high-level speakers from business, policy, civil society, and academia! 10th anniversary after the signature of the Istanbul Convention. Sendbird is a leading mobile engagement API platform trusted by brands like Reddit, Delivery Hero, Carousell, Headspace, and Hinge to easily embed real-time chat, voice, and video into their apps and websites. VP of Sales at IWG - in the startup world mostly known for its coworking brand Spaces, IWG has been delivering innovative workspace solutions for over 30 years. The winning startup team will receive an awesome prize package worth about €75,000 (incl. Conference / Workshop. CEO of Freeda Media - the #1 global female media brand on Instagram, for engagement and interactions. We’ll welcome about 70 high-profile speakers (successful entrepreneurs, investors, etc.) Merkel: EU Leaders ‘Have All Agreed That We Need Vaccine Passports’ – Summit News CEO of Unbabel - one Portugal's fastest growing startups leveraging AI and providing real-time, human-quality translations at scale. Build a culture of ownership and get started now. You can apply here. International Committee of the Fourth International, European Union summit retreats from vaccine export ban, As COVID-19 surges in Europe, NATO steps up threats against Russia and China, German financial markets, big companies coin money out of the pandemic. Add an international network of mobile workspaces and a full calendar of business events and networking lunches, and you’ll see just how Spaces keeps you engaged and open to new possibilities. Video conference Main results Ministers held an exchange of views on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on education and training across the EU, in particular in the context of the gradual lifting of containment measures. By the end of March—i.e., in the first three months of the year—it should be 100 million. Co-founder of Eventbrite, Board Partner at Point Nine Capital, and angel investor. Mette Lykke is the CEO of Too Good To Go and former co-founder of Endomondo. At the summit last month, the EU also warned Ankara of sanctions if it restarts energy exploration in disputed waters and voiced concern over Turkey’s human rights record. CEO of Ethan Partners - a rapidly growing Executive Search company that is based in London and operating internationally. The EU summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday will now be held by videoconference. London hit back, invoking existing treaties and threatening the EU with retaliation. Nearly 900,000 people have now died from the pandemic, nearly 40 million have been infected, and around 250,000 new infections are being added every day. Co-founder and CEO of All Turtles, a mission-driven product studio, and mmhmm, a new app created during the pandemic that makes video communication more clear and compelling. AWS credits, Spaces credits, 99designs credits, and more). ), workshops, and an exciting pitch competition with 15 finalists – selected from about 1,000 applicants! In Poland, it is 444, in France 362. While their profit-before-life policies have now claimed 2.8 million lives worldwide, they use the vaccine as a means of enrichment and as a weapon in the geostrategic struggle against their international rivals. But the conflict is by no means resolved. In the region around Paris, intensive care units already stand on the brink of exceeding their capacity. The Süddeutsche Zeitung commented that tightening export rules was not enough: “In fact, the European Union should not merely restrict the export of vaccines under certain conditions but ban them in general.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also wrote: “As long as vaccine doses are a scarce commodity, the EU cannot export unconditionally all over the world. Over 6000 participants attended the European Business Summit 2020 edition! State of play. CEO of PIABO - the Berlin-based PR agency of choice for challenger brands like N26, Shopify, Tinder and wework. European Council, 21-22 October 2021 16 December 2021 European Council, 16-17 December 2021 17 December 2021 The 27 EU leaders have a regular two-day summit starting Thursday, where they will discuss everything from vaccine strategy to relations with Russia. Attend the the first-ever European Patient Summit on Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) and Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILDs) driven by patients. CEO and co-founder of Elvie - a fast-growing femtech startup which is based in London and already counts 100+ employees. Head of Business Development Spain at Crowdcube - one of the worlds leading equity crowdfunding platforms. on the main stage and workshop stage at this year’s EU-Startups Summit. CEO of Homelike - which boasts over 50,000 apartments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain & the UK. China, where only 90,000 have been infected with the virus and 4,600 have died from it thanks to a consistent lockdown and vaccination policy, is encountering growing hostility. Poorer states, such as Latvia, Bulgaria and Croatia, are far behind on vaccinations because they had relied on the cheaper AstraZeneca vaccine, which has seen the biggest supply shortfalls. The two-day event is a great opportunity for networking, and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies.

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