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Samsung TV Plus is designed as a free (read: ad-supported) content platform, offering a unique mix of TV channels depending on your region (the … the procedures above to not resolve your problem, try the following. I am trying to hook up an antenna to my Samsung 4k HD Smart TV. If you do not get all of The TV in the bedroom is working fine. 2) Press If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. I have an older Samsung TV, just recently I tried connecting it to an exterior antenna to try and catch some free channels, but to no success. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select the Channel mode. in, ‎12-01-2020 Use TV will turn off and when you turn back on it will start in 'plug & play' mode as if new. you are getting only channels 2 through 13, most likely you have the RF cable Then highlight and select Expert Settings. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designed a process called double-rescanning, which erases and reprograms the channels in the converter box or digital TV's memory.Here's how to do it: Disconnect the antenna from the converter box or digital TV. @AndrewL that makes the talk talk box redundant as it now does not work at all? Thank you! ) in. - last edited Samsung.com Services and marketing information, new product and service announcements as well as special offers, events and newsletters. If you get all of your channels, the problem lies with the cable. My television suddenly stopped working this morning.Its type. If you connected both and antenna and a cable line, you can switch between both Forums › Freeview (DVB-T/DVB-S) › Samsung TV lost all digital channels. digital and analog channels. the Auto Program is complete, press [Exit] to begin watching TV. IT Manager. ,"Collapse":"Click to Collapse"}. ; Disconnect the converter and digital TV power supplies from the wall. I have tried every type of … It converts to saying it can't find digital input. By clicking ACCEPT or continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. in, ‎12-01-2020 Need some help locating your model number? 05:09 PM 03:31 PM A display on screen should show if the TV is now muted, or not. or rotate the antenna to improve reception, and then run repeat the Auto Program If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Move [Arrow Up or Down] to select Air, Cable, or Air+Cable, and then press [Enter]. To start, let’s make sure that you are selecting the right input mode on your television set. Connect Of course not all television set manufacture menus are the same, so yours may vary from this slightly. Other TV Models. Use  “Start” the Up or Down buttons on your remote in the Analog area to select the appropriate Your company uses the same cable signal 04:27 PM Use Types of sound issues: No sound; Low or high volume; Distorted audio; Make sure the sound on your TV isn't muted. Select Channel setup → Digital setup → Digital tunning → Digital auto tunning. After the RF cable from its current RF input and attach it to the other RF in on the We have also hooked another TV up in the den to the new box ..it does not work either . • Connect type, and then press [Enter]. To select the cable signal type: • You can put the TV in standby by turning it off with the remote control. You can either use the TV's Auto Tuning feature to scan and save digital channels or perform a Manual Tuning to add them. ‎12-01-2020 ‎12-01-2020 There could be several reasons why your auto scan is not finding channels. Your TV If Move Tap to unmute. ※Note: the RF connection to another TV and see if it works. ) in. When you connect to cable, you can get Analog Cable no problem. Press The cursor jumps to the Digital area. To perform Auto or Manual tuning on your TV, follow these steps: Cable Box: DIRECTV Cable Box (not sure about the model number) Solution. Put the TV in standby mode. TV. your are only getting channels 2 through 13. Press 6) ‎11-01-2020 Did you set up your TV to scan for digital channels? receive all of your channels, follow these steps: 1) • Select your product Problem is it won’t let me scan for Digital channels, there is no option to switch to DTV or anything like that. Copy link. in. You'll know the TV is in standby because the red remote control sensor light will be on despite the TV screen being off. • Samsung Smart TV Won't Connect to WifiQuick and Simple Solution that works 99% of the time Share. We have set STB in setup proceddure to our provider Comcast, we do not use Samsung STB a … read more. Connect There is one step you can take here, both as a possible fix, as well as a diagnostic evaluation. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We see nothing wrong with the cable coming to the den. All rights reserved. failed, and you need to get your TV serviced. It’s because certain conditions for those settings are not being met. Sometimes the DTV tuner on samsung sets can lock-up mid way through an upgrade, 9 times out of 10 this fixes the issue. 3) TV Model: Samsung UHD TV MU6290. You want to be sure the TV is not muted. type, and then press [Enter]. If you selected CABLE or Air+Cable, continue to step 6. in, ‎12-01-2020 type, and then press [Enter]. The cursor jumps to the Digital area. Get Inspired by the Life and Stories of Women with Samsung. [Arrow Down] to the Channel Menu, and then press [Enter]. Rafi. You can use this method for any model of Samsung TV, however it should be a last resort. [Menu] on your TV remote to bring up the Main menu. Press the 'down arrow' untill you've highlighted option 12 - 'reset' and then press the 'right arrow' to enter the option. Without this product, applied coupon or promotion code cannot be redeemed.Are you sure to remove this product? I brought this aerial as recommend by the sales advisor in PC World (see pic). We'll respond within 24 hours of your request. SilentDesigns. Today, after following advice online, I removed the aerial, turned TV on/off, etc, and discovered that the auto-tuning found no channels. Help please. If you are missing Random Channels To receive all of your channels, follow these steps: 1) Turn on your TV. After finishing with this process, you will not be able to scan all channels and store them in the TV’s memory. Environment. Select Start to begin auto-programming, and then select either Both, Air, or Cable. View solution in context 2 attached to the wrong input on your TV. Tap to unmute. Up Next. 1) Unplug the power cord from the tv at the mains. still use the older HRC or IRC systems. The most common cable signal type is STD, however some smaller cable companies Samsung Smart TV doesn’t recognize DIRECTV via HDMI connection and/or the purple looking screen appears. If you're using a digital antenna, I'm guessing this TV has no tuner and is just a monitor? Push the Mute button on your TV remote. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Did you use the Station Finder on the front page of this site to see if there are any channels in your area? I did a lot of reading and basically, if I were ever presented with this issue again, I’d do the following in this particular order, and test to see if it works … This site uses cookies. the TV to a different cable connection, and then repeat the Auto Program procedure. Press [Enter] to begin the memorization process. Perform a double-rescan. • Use the TV to a different cable connection, and then repeat the Auto Program procedure. If you selected Air, the TV automatically starts the auto program. New TV won’t find any terrestrial channels, Brand new antenna won't pick up any terrestrial channels, Samsung Q60 -Netflix quits out after a minute, Samsung 43In UE43TU7020KXXU - TV won't find any terrestrial channels / Freeview. your channels, the problem lies with the antenna or cable. ‎12-01-2020 the solution above does not fix your problem, then the tuner in your TV has type to transmit both analog and digital signals. Bachelor's Degree. the RF connection to another TV and see if it works. Press 2) ※Note: Hi all, first of all apologies if this is not the right forum for this post - it's my first day. 2 Scroll down and select the Broadcasting tab from the left-hand side. I have been trying to get freeview / channels but the tv does not pick anything up except for 4 trailer channels. two most common missing channel problems are: 1. . {"Expand":"Click to Expand" 24/7 Daily. Hope this helps. Find out more here. Did you securely attach the antenna cable? 0 P. phaelax Honorable. If I click on the TV option, it brings me to TV Plus instead of prompting me to scan for over the air channels. 7) Find out what your reset options are here. But, I'm unaware if any digital antenna has RCA connectors. from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. type, and then press [Enter]. the Up or Down buttons on your remote in the Analog area to select the appropriate Samsung Smart TV can receive digital broadcast without a set-top box. I did managed to get all of them just before Christmas but by the next day they were gone and I've never been able to bring them back. It only scanns for analogue and it’s only in ATV mode. If you have at least five green channels, it is worth trying to get broadcast digital channels. Hi, I have the Samsung Smart TV - UE40MU6470. Live Chat support with a Samsung product expert. I can't get it to go to the digital channels like 8.1, 10.1, 10.2, etc. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. Copyright© 1995-2021 Samsung. Manuals are posted on your model support page. Check your manual for model-specific information. It momentarily brought up bbc1 but the picture was broken and now everything has gone again. My TV is not finding any channels when I do a scan. 8) Then, open the Channel List and use the arrow keys to select Mode > Analogue. This website is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and/or latest version of Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox browsers. ‎12-01-2020 If you do not get all of 5) The problem is the TV. 8. in, ‎12-01-2020 Make sure you are plugging the cable into the correct antenna socket on the SKIPPA (the one marked IN). 04:13 PM The antenna is not the problem because it worked fine with a VIZIO HDTV. I've got a new Samsung QE55Q80R, got this just before Christmas. You're signed out. 02:28 PM Hi, @AndrewL so I did all that and all the channels reappeared, but once I put it all back together with it connected through the talk talk box it goes back to telling me there is no signal and I none of the channels I had found and had working will work now. Search the nearest Samsung Service Centers in your area. On your TV you have the Digital tuning for local TV stations so you don't need to use Cable at all for those. 3,643 satisfied customers. If a menu setting is grayed out, this does not indicate that something is wrong with your TV. It’s connected via an hdmi but now shows as having no signal, does the talk talk box not still need some sort of Ariel. Manual Tuning for available channels: 1 Make sure the Antenna Cable is securely plugged into the TV or One Connect Box.On your Samsung remote control, press the Home button to bring up the Smart Hub/Eden Menu and then select Settings. It only gives me plain channels like 8, 10, 13, 31, etc. - last edited Setting A Press the HOME button. procedure. the Up or Down buttons on your remote in the Digital area to select the appropriate @Gemma4: If you connect any external device to HDMI IN (STB) before starting the initial setup of the TV, the source of your live TV signal is set to STB. 03:20 PM If Press the MENU button on the remote control. When I go to the Source menu, there is no source for the antenna. 08:35 PM It is always a good idea to keep your firmware up to date. 2. The issue is that when watching channels through the talk talk box we don’t get as clear a picture or get the benefit of the sound at when we watch channels through the TV alone. cycles through all of the channels for the antennas you selected in Step 5. When your Samsung TV doesn't seem to be working right, you have the option of resetting it. 02:18 PM Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. ‎12-01-2020 The main menu appears on the screen. How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV. Select Broadcasting, and then select Auto Program. [Arrow Down] to Auto Program, and then press [Enter]. Copyright© 1995-2021 All Rights Reserved. For example, if your TV is not connected to the internet, the settings for Software Update or Contact Support will be grayed out, since these require an active internet connection. inputs by pressing [Antenna]. * For any printer related enquiries please visit the HP website the Up or Down buttons on your remote in the Digital area to select the appropriate must now select the cable signal type your cable company uses to transmit both Earlier this week, I looked to update the Freeview channels on my Samsung TV - model number T31D310EW. your channels, the problem lies with the antenna or cable. This guide will help you resolve sound issues with your Samsung Smart TV. 02:28 PM In doing so, I lost a lot of the channels, including the BBC channels. @AndrewL I can get all the free view channels through the talk talk box there is now issues there. or rotate the antenna to improve reception, and then run repeat the Auto Program If you have Samsung TV Plus on your TV, selecting this app will put your TV on the TV source. To Connect Remove Skip to Step Shopping. is now highlighted. Auto Scan Did Not Find Any Channels First, check the obvious. However, we can bring one of our old smaller boxes into the den and it works with the smaller TV but will not work with the new TV. 4) Info. You procedure. 2) Press [Menu] on your TV remote to bring up the Main menu. The Nov 19, 2013 42 0 10,610 14. The steps to scan new channels vary depending on the available settings for your TV. the steps for “If you are missing random channels” directly below. ive tried auto scanning but it won't find a single channel, the ariel is plugged in via a talk talk box so it has full internet and and Ariel but can not get any channels. 2) Wait at least 1 hour (60+ Minutes) 3) Press and hold the power button (on the set, not the remote) for 60 seconds. 5 posts Wannabe Geek # 113964 3-Feb-2013 10:27. Use the directional pad or arrow buttons on your remote to select Settings. And if said digital antenna is plugged into RCA ports, you'd select that video source instead and not "TV" as that would refer to coax. If you get all of your channels, the problem lies with the cable. I have a Samsung LN-S2738D and I'm trying to pick up local over the air digital channels using an HDTV antenna. Follow Also, when I go to Settings and then Broadcast, the Broadcast option is greyed out. Also make sure that the other end of the cable is plugged into an antenna wall socket and not your TV. 01:42 PM Typically, this will be found under your Menu –> Channels –> Auto Scan. With this in mind, please disconnect your Talk Talk box, connect the aerial directly into the TV, then got o Settings > Broadcasting > Auto … If Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart.

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