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The image sequence will then be analyzed using digital image processing for vehicle detection, and according to traffic conditions on the road traffic light can be controlled.. Keywords: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Traffic light, Image Processing, edge detection. What is traffic control using image processing 2. Traffic Density Based Smart Signaling System Using Image Processing In MATLAB Priyanka Pote1, Jyotsna Gosavi2, Shubham Padwankar3, ... Microcontroller will control the Traffic signal lights i.e. To avoid congestion there are so many traffic ... Matlab: Image processing in PC 3. “Intelligent traffic control using image processing” technique that we propose overcomes all the limitations of the earlier (in use) techniques used for controlling the traffic. Introduction Digital image processing is meant for processing digital computer. 1. It will capture image sequences. In this populated world, the smart management of traffic … The traffic controller is one of critical factors affecting the traffic flow. various image processing tasks has been used. CONTENTS 1.Introduction 2.TRAFFIC CONTROL USING IMAGE PROCESSING 3.Block Diagram 4.MATLAB 5.Results 6.Conlusion 7.Future Scope 8.References 3. One such traffic control system can be built by image processing technique like edge detection to find the traffic density, based on traffic density can regulate the traffic signal light. INTRODUCTION 1. This technique avoids this problem. A web camera is placed in each stage of traffic light that will capture the still images of the road where we want to control the traffic. real time traffic light control which will control the traffic light efficiently. PROPOSED TECHNIQUES Then those captured images are successively matched using image matching with a reference image which is an empty road image. In recent years, smart control and management system plays an essential role in our day-to-day life. 7 output window of MATLAB code shows the number of vehicles detected in each IN and OUT lanes of The conventional traffic patterns are nonlinear and complex and time dependent rather than traffic dependent. In this project, we are dealing with traffic via image processing. The sequence of the camera is analyzed using different edge detection algorithms and object counting methods. Previously they used matching method that means the camera will be installed along with traffic light. 1. Earlier in automatic traffic control use of timer had a drawback that the time is being wasted by green light on the empty. The paper suggests implementing a smart traffic controller using real-time image processing. capable of controlling traffic as well as avoid congestion of roads, known as Intelligent Traffic Control System. The frequent traffic jams at major intersections call for an effective management system. TRAFFIC CONTROL USING IMAGE PROCESSING SUBMITTED BY KAMRAN SHAHID BAIG AMBER DEEP SINGH 2. Using different types of image processing algorithms, the vehicles can be detected on basis of which traffic lights … Image processing leads for detecting the density of vehicles by using Haar Cascade method, whereas artificial intelligence helps to modify the timing of traffic signal accurately time by time. Traffic congestion may result due to heavy traffic at a junction. It is the use of computer algorithm to perform image processing on digital images. Platform: consisting of a few toy vehicles and LEDs (prototype of the real world traffic light control system). Smart Traffic Control System Using Image Processing ... intelligent control of traffic will become a very important issue in the future [1]. In fig. Software Module: MATLAB version 7.8 as image processing software comprising of specialized modules that perform specific tasks has been used.

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