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Notion is an “all-in-one workspace” best for calendars, note-taking, and project management, which would help you maximize your team’s planning. Add a little bit more motivation to the mix (if cute animal photos aren’t enough) by picking out the best photo at the end of the month and sending the winner a framed print of their picture. 11 Best Zoom Team Building Activities To Try. And a darn good one... we hire brilliant people, provide extensive training, and develop one of a kind experiences. It’s a great way to celebrate your colleagues and their accomplishments! Everyone receives a random deck and does a 5-minutes presentation on them, without having seen the slides before. You can change the topic every week, so it’s an on-going game, and create multiple rounds for several different winners. The first person to get it correct wins a point for their team. It does not take a lot of time and allows people to open up about themselves through a fun anecdote or story. In this version, it brings a fun twist. Everyone should try to record an individual karaoke session singing the best they can. However, to bring them closer, you should think about fun activities. For the last hour on Friday, encourage everyone to listen to a few songs and find out who’s While simple, this team building game encourages quick-thinking and is a fun way to learn more about each other's interests. The night before a video conference call, get all remote team members to write down two facts and one lie about themselves. Get everyone to submit a traditional song from their country . Nobody will know what else to talk about other than work since they never get to chat in the morning. When your team is working remotely and is located in different areas this activity is a great way to. If some people have overlapping activities, you can ask them to play together. The lack of organic relationships may lead to remote meetings feeling routine, dry, and transactional as they just stick to the agenda. Some are pretty wild, so get ready to laugh at some of the antics we get into over video calls. This gives teams who do not usually work together the chance to collaborate on one project, especially fun during the holidays. Check out the Virtual Team Builders Co website for pricing and to make a booking. Another great quick activity that allows your team to practice quick and creative thinking. The other players will yell out clues for the main player. Once everyone has answered via emoji, you can then follow-up with each individual, spark an open conversation with your team or have an additional 1 to 1 meeting. Let your team know there is no judgment, and it is an open space to discuss anything positive or negative. The last virtual team building event we ran had 92% engagement with 98% of the 134 person company attending the final happy hour re-cap! It is a fantastic way to show off your cities local famous foods, drinks and whatever else you might find interesting to send. Many remote teams face the risk of feeling strictly online teams and have no emotional connection or interaction. This is a fun activity to get to know each other a bit better and bond through laughter. However, the purpose is different. Revealing Quiz. Instructions. Rules or concept: People are cooking and eating at home more often and this tendency relates to remote work as well. The first player to get three in a row, and then the first to a full house, wins. It will take minimal effort but it seems like a big payoff in the amount of team building it provides. For each suggestion, ensure that all participants have a similar understanding of every idea. Repeat until the two minutes are complete. It helps to build trust, encourages healthy conflict resolution, and sparks corporate creativity. These activities will help you to implement icebreakers, to build group rapport quickly, to reorganize the team, to start a new project, and many more. You can have this exercise continue weekly, having mini-language lessons each week. Objective: Integration of Cultures and Creativity. It also allows for a good laugh, having your team come up with different themes to post weekly images to your dedicated Slack or chat channel. Show and Tell allows your team to laugh and get a glimpse into each other lives outside of the work environment. Everyone takes turns guessing whose favorite song is whose. This is a great activity for global teams that are speaking several different languages across the company. Heads Up is an easy game to play with your team if you are in a pinch. Who doesn’t like a good GIF? Objective: Stress reliever with some critical thinking, Materials: Zoom or video conferencing platform. If someone can’t think of an answer or repeats one, the game ends, and the loser needs to choose the next team meeting category. To play this properly, pick some online games that allow multiple players. Set aside 20 minutes each week (we suggest on Wednesday mornings to get over that midweek lull) and get everyone to play against each other. Examples of questions are: Pepsi or coke? Bring your team closer together, Objective: To get everyone bonding and sharing facts about themselves. The winner can come up with the next week’s theme and get to pick the winner. At the start of every week, create a new challenge or theme for the joke. Virtual team building is the practice that includes organizing online games and activities that give remote employees an opportunity to socialize and communicate with co-workers who rarely meet in person. If only one person is barefoot or wearing socks, that person gets 3 points, and no-one else gets any points. Ask each one of your team members to provide some of their favorite items that they can package up—for example, coffee, candy, beauty products, or book. These types of team building activities are great because they’re simple and you can learn so much about another person through the photos they take. One by one, have your team present who they invited and why. This activity is good for fairly newly formed teams, when they don’t know each other that well and need to get better acquainted. Rules or concept: All we know about subtle delays with lag in audio and video during video conferences, however, you can try to arrange a karaoke session with your remote team members. What about the option for remote workers? Skype features include status updates, emojis, screen sharing, and video call recording. For example, jokes about animals or jokes about doctors. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if that’s the case then we can learn way more about our colleagues with one good picture than we could with dozens of email exchanges. © 2017 - 2021 Hygger LLC. Objective: Give Team Bonding & Communication Skills, Materials: Access to an online virtual room. Rules: S park a conversation and complete this Revealing Quiz. The winner is the person who had the most of their words correctly guessed. We love this remote team ice breaker because it's an old tradition - remember in your yearbooks when you’d have baby photos posted? We love this activity because it's super chilled and just gets everyone relaxed and communicating with some great stories. Well, this activity is perfect and is a great opportunity to get to know one another. Go through each suggested item and ask everyone how they would ensure that the idea is carried out throughout. Get everyone to add their song to that list at some point during the week. Again, the instructions are super simple. Online Office Games . Rules or concept: On the eve of the meeting, ask your colleagues to share 3-5 unusual facts or fun stories about the city, state or country they live in that are not commonly known. The experience comes with the equipment and ingredients to brew a full case of beer, shipped right to your participants door. They can even work with you to create a custom label and a team beer recipe! The team lead goes through the songs and plays them during their team meeting. Everyone anonymously posts a picture of what’s inside their fridge in a shared doc. It makes sure everyone is listening to each other and makes the newcomers feel welcome. Team building is crucial for both regular and remote teams. To keep it relaxed and fun, set up a Slack channel just for this and start every week with a new joke challenge. Objective: To get everyone to get creative and share their creations, Materials: Ingredients to bake a cake (provided by your employees). The team will be able to get a peak into their colleagues' lives as well as get to know their backgrounds. It also comes with a handy Slack & Microsoft Teams integration. Bucket lists are a great way to learn about people, especially your team. That is why creating a “personal user manual” is great, it is effective to create work guidelines with your team. Participants: 3 - 1000+ Duration: 2 to 10 minutes per round. Host your virtual dance as a standalone event or propose it as a quick session during a scheduled team call. Either way, music bonds and unites us. They wore a GoPro and live streamed riding around the beautiful streets on a bike. This team-building activity gets everyone involved and feeling competitive. Once everyone has told their funny story and has laughed their butts off, just relax and enjoy each other's company. Ask everyone to bake their favorite cake or cookie and decorate it very well. At the beginning of the next team meeting, choose 3 notes from the “cup” to announce to your team. Objective: To get everyone caught up and a good laugh. Add a little bit more motivation to the mix by picking out the best joke at the end of the month and sending the winner a prize! Microsoft Teams games are online team building games that use the unique features of the Microsoft Teams platform to enable team bonding and remote worker engagement. This simple team building activity is a great way to break the ice and to help employees learn a lot about each other. This is one of our favorite team-building activities for remote teams because it allows your team members to get creative and share their creations with each other! WorkStyle has created a unique team builing activity that helps teams understand how to best work with one another. Objective: To keep everyone fit and healthy whilst introducing some competitiveness, Materials: A step or fitness tracking device. “I spy” is an interactive game that is easy to play with your team. Either way, we guarantee it’ll provide a great laugh. Everyone likes a good craft project, and you can do them virtually as well, especially during the holidays. You can post pictures of our pets with funny faces and doing crazy things. Have you always wanted to ask questions to your team but never had the opportunity to do so? The first one to smile or laugh loses. If more than one person is in slippers, those players get zero points, and everyone else gets 3 points. It is a great activity for newer team members and acts as a good icebreaker. Get everyone into a virtual call at a time that suits you and your team (make sure they are at home and not in a coffee shop). Objective: Getting everyone to know each other, Materials: Electronic devices and a file-sharing tool. Virtual icebreakers are small online team-building activities that help remote teams to connect on a personal level and enjoy some fun social time together. Put together a panel of judges and begin your spelling bee. Thus, we've created this guide to the best 21 virtual team building activities you can try with your team during a real time virtual happy hour. Award the “best dressed” and have the winner choose the next theme! One popular virtual team building activity of this type is Online Office Games. Now that you know the importance of successful team building activities in virtual teams, here are some of the best remote team building activities out there that will help your team bond. One that we've tried and love ourselves is The Escape Game. This activity is the perfect way to remind everyone! The main idea of this online tem building game for remote workers is to get everyone organized, not to snap the perfect photo. Ask everyone to either draw out or find an image that expresses themselves before your next meeting. For example, who can do the most steps before they start work? Online Office Games is a form of “Office Olympics” that includes spirited challenges, virtual team games and activities. Every week change who the “question master” is and be sure every week the questions are different. Clear communication is an easy way to boost productivity, reduce workplace stress, and create better relationships with coworkers. Each member will take their turn and you’ll discuss their choices. It helps your team practice on the spot situations through a fun topic. Everyone will discuss their daily tasks over a nice cup of coffee. The one who guessed the lie gains points. More than anything, we hope this post has made you realize that just because your team are distributed over eight states, 12 countries, two continents, and seven-time zones, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a team and promote the same communication, trust and collaboration as normal teams. One of our most popular team building activities is now available in a virtual format for remote workgroups. -- Wire cutters Virtual team building activities and funny team building games are easy to assemble, so they do not … The best part is to keep score to see who the ultimate Heads Up winner is! Choose a person; let’s call them player one. Start it off by asking everybody to demonstrate where they’re born and then ask them where they’re currently located by pinning a picture of themselves onto the map. Fantastic for any larger video conferences and great for enterprise companies. Experienced team leaders exactly know how it is important to support each other in a positive, playful manner. You can organize one yourself, or use a creative service like The Go Game (which lists companies like Netflix, Facebook, and HBO among clients) or Stray Boots.Your team will feel nice and rejuvenated after some fresh air and fun challenges. He cannot leave the dog alone with the chicken because the dog will most likely eat the chicken, and he cannot leave the chicken alone with the rice because the chicken will eat the rice. Have everyone come up with the best image to describe that theme. Create your boards, layout and completely customize them to your organization’s preferences. Materials: Bingo cards (emailed to each player), questions and an electronic device. For example, you as the organizer can participate and bond with your colleagues too. War of the Wizards is one of the most unique and engaging virtual team building activities in the world. posted them. Including of course the online quiz game that we buily specifically for this situation: - we'll talk more about that later. They can create multiple characters, have the story in different decades, or even write song lyrics. Slipper Dilemma is a quick activity that will be a great addition to your weekly team agenda. These types of events give the team time to relax and get to know each other. Scavenger Hunt. A great way to encourage people to participate in the care package is to include a company stipend or reimbursements. Split your team up into groups, have them come up with a business pitch that includes the logo and the product. Tell everyone to put it on a shared doc, be sure to make everyone invisible so no one can see who wrote what. These parties can include specific themes like wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. is a fun and easy employee recognition platform. Like the Shazam application, your team will be put to the test, and you get to see who is the most knowledgeable in music. Working from home can be challenging when deciding on what to wear. It is only accessed through your preferred web browser. For this activity, you'll want to bring in an external facilitator like the folks at Virtual Team Builders Co who specialize in running virtual activities like this for big teams online. Donut helps remote teams connect with virtual coffee dates, e-learning workshops, and so much more. The farmer has bought a dog, some rice, and a chicken, and he needs to get them across a river to get home. In 2021, we are running virtual events for teams all over the world. If you need to create multiple villager teams, the winner is the team who comes up with the fastest and least boat trips across the river. -- Varieties of faux greenery This sits high up on our list because it gets everyone talking for some time and allows different people to interact weekly. Help everyone gain a better understanding of where everyone is located by creating an interactive map of the world. To be a little obvious, is a team building company. They should arrange all items on a flat surface and take a picture from directly above. Group all the ideas into topics, such as goals, achievements, office needs, etc. At the end, conduct a quiz and ask people at random who answered what to each question. Need a quick activity to play with your team, “Guess the country” is perfect for you. The purpose of these games is to have fun, relax and do team building at work. The villagers must help him come up with a solution. Read More, It’s not a surprise that the number of distributed workers and freelancers has skyrocketed. Having fun activities to look forward to is an easy way to keep morale high when times are tough. Getting your everyday water intake is difficult sometimes so why not help your team start a healthier habit of drinking more water. Rules or concept: All we know that a daily Scrum meeting is an essential part of Scrum project management. Includes instructions and bonus resources. Or do you pray to a god? We like it because it makes people feel special. It is the perfect collaboration tool to use in real-time and accomplish your company’s goals. Get them to take a picture of their bakes or display them on a live video call. The group has the responsibility to uphold this code through their work environment. We wanted to give you a plethora of activities to choose from, so try out our 80+ Bonus activties that are perfect for any team bonding event. This is similar to normal trivia, but it has a bit of a twist with a 5 PM happy hour vibe and comedy theme. Send out a basic personal user manual template, you can do whatever you like but we suggest to add the following topics: Preferred Communication (slack, email, or calling) -For 30 minutes, ask them to play conference-call trivia and learn about each other’s personalities and interests outside of work. We suggest awarding a prize for the best invention! It is easy to use, very secure, and great for calls, chats, and everything work-related. Team members should create ways to communicate instantly whilst completing the challenge . Vote who the best planker is for a little competition. This is a short meeting where everyone is standing and the participants talk about the work they will do throughout the day. These team building activities are short, simple, and require no preparation from you. It is an awesome way to involve your whole company and can make this activity a quarterly event. This activity is similar to the show MTV Cribs, just a G-rated work edition. You may use Slack, Facebook Messenger, or other group apps for remote teams. Ask your team to recite or summarize what you said; the person who has the most correct “points” is a winner and gets a gift card. P.S. Everyone needs to give an answer to their least and favorite part about having a virtual office. Virtual bingo is a fun and easy way to get everyone involved and realizing what they have in common. Because working from home is a new concept to many people, it’s important to encourage team bonding and make it a priority. How Communication Styles Affect Team Management and Business Environment. After every note, the team will snap, clap and cheer to show appreciation to that person. Rules or concept:  You will need to run an online conference and give each team member 3-5 minutes to think about a few important things they would love to do in their lifetime. Companies alike use Zoom for their daily meetings, and they offer free services. You can play several rounds of this and switch up who the main player is so each person has a turn to be guessing the correct answer. Online meetings can start out slow (and painful, frankly) so virtual team building icebreakers can be a real help. His dilemma is that he is only able to carry one item at a time on the boat. Please, share your thoughts and virtual team building experiences below. ‘Catchphrase’, also known as charades, is a family favorite. Before exploring my favorite science-based team building activities, games and exercises that will help your team bond, I have a few notes for you, the team or activity leader. Jitsi Meet emphasizes on secure connections, and they do not run into security issues as often. Employees like to feel that they are part of the company's plan and transparency is important for company goals and roadmaps. Assign a song to every participant or let him/her choose their own. Virtual team building can help replace valuable in-person forms of communication that are missing from the remote office; increasing the chances of talking to and interacting with one another helps remote co-workers get to know each other better, which in … Rules or concept: Dancing is one of the easiest team-building exercises for virtual teams. They should keep these items a secret from all other participants. Enter virtual team building – the process by which organisations and team leaders bring remote teams and colleagues together. While some people question the value of team-building exercises, studies have shown that they improve teams' effectiveness and help to build trust. Everyone can get 5 tacos a day where you can add messages to show praise and appreciation to your fellow colleagues. It is important to note that this team building activity can only really do with teams that work in the same city or country or have the funds to pay for this sort of activity (hence why it is so low down on our list). Materials: None, except your imagination! Learning to give 100% focus to a task or a person talking is getting more and more difficult these days. They shout out’s do not need to be huge. Toggl Plan has got you covered and improves managers and team members time management by giving easy access to everyone’s workload and avaibilty. Get creative and also always a time for your team to disconnect and work on something festive. Before they join, get them to send you the list of the questions you want them you answer. This exercise allows everyone to collaborate and create a future roadmap. You send out a direct Donut message that will prompt your colleagues to fun Slack conversations and virtual watercooler topics. Prior to the activity, create bingo cards or use this People-Bingo printable template. Once everyone is done, they do not have to share it to keep it personal and private. They also allow only audio calls for those who have slower internet connection or are still getting ready for the workday. The virtual session was much needed to help the team deal with the lockdown blues. Pet Peeves, “Quiet Hours”- times they do not want to be disturbed.

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