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It is the qualitative research design, where the focus, among other things, is on observation, interviewing and case studies, and where the researcher is closely involved with the fi eld and with the participants in the investigation. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health List of Issues Volume 13, Issue 2 There are indigenous and socio-cultural perceptions attached to the use of different energy sources. Following, ... Data analyses were descriptive and presented through qualitative figures and tables in accordance with Keller (2014). Coaching can never be the "quick fix". Research designs from the fields of business, education, cultural studies, media studies, queer studies, sociology and psychology are applied specifically to sport management, taking into account the … This study investigates reasons for sport engagement among students and addresses the utilization of university sports programs (USP) by employing a mixed-methods approach.Methods. It is assumed that group coaching may support the participants’ mutual motivation to be physically active and their general search for a healthy lifestyle. Recientemente, algunos autores han señalado indicios de incorporación de nuevas aproximaciones y la búsqueda de modelos que se adapten a las condiciones fluidas, múltiples, y no-lineales, (así como capaces de ser interpretadas por versiones alternativas) de la actividad deportiva (Fisher, Butryn y Roper, 2005;Ryba, 2005;Salter, 1997; ... Esta propuesta abre las puertas para la consideración de paradigmas alternativos al positivista y al uso de la metodología cualitativa (Escudero, Balagué y García-Mas, 2002;Sánchez y Torregosa, 2005; Torregosa, Cruz y Sánchez, 2004 Estas consideraciones han sido debatidas en muchas áreas distintas de la psicología, especialmente en el trabajo psicoterapéutico individual y con familias y traen consigo una larga discusión sobre los fundamentos de nuestra ciencia (Neimeyer, 1993). The research project is based on an analysis of our society – a society that is characterised by diversification, identity challenges, abolition of the monopoly of knowledge, lifelong learning, the necessity for self-reflection, etc. Sports is an activity which involves physical application and skill. Choosing a good topic means half the battle of writing a research paper is won. Qualitative research enables inquiry into processes and beliefs through exploration of narratives, personal experiences and language.1 Its findings can inform and improve healthcare decisions by providing information about peoples’ perceptions, beliefs, experiences and behaviour, and augment quantitative analyses of effectiveness data. Together these beliefs have contributed to successes (careers in sport) and shortcomings (occupational injustices) associated with the sport-for-development phenomenon. Telling Tales in Sport and Physical Activity: A Qualitative Journey. Qualitative Research in Sport Management is the first book of its kind to bring together valuable research designs based on extensive research in qualitative research methods across a number of different fields. The sports activity may either be done by an individual or a team competing against one another. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. This type of study offers interesting opportunities for Performance Analysis, as it is widely acknowledged that qualitative research is especially suited to (a) understanding the meaning of events and actions, (b) understanding their context, (c) identifying unanticipated phenomena, and (d) understanding the processes by which the events and actions take place (e.g. It would appear that little theory is being generated empirically and suggests that any understanding of re… Drawing on empirical data gathered from five case studies of sport-for-development organizations in Lusaka, Zambia, three themes were identified that describe ideological beliefs within the Zambian sport-for-development context. Literature and research in political science (Putnam 2000), sociology (Bowles & Gintis 2002, Rose 2000) and community psychology (Dalton et al. 3099067 The article gives an overview over the different subject fields and articles covered by this special issue of the Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research on sport science(s). 2001) has shown the importance of social capital as a form of glue that makes community living work. the entry point to our lived knowledge and practical wisdom. All rights reserved. The intervention aims to develop active citizenship and furthermore strengthen every participant’s psychosocial resilience. When I started to think about organizing the Eleventh European Congress of Sport Psychology in Copenhagen, my ambition was to help influence the development of sport and exercise psychology. At the same time, it increases the participants’ engagement, individually and as a group. Although we did find >20 studies, few studies met the basic qualitative research quality criteria of reporting a theoretical framework [45]. Finally, a belief that sport is the way out privileged boys who play football as well as athletic non-disabled boys in opposition to girls, poor youths, rural youths, and girls and boys with disabilities. The first step to write a good paper is to select a winning topic first. Qualitative research creates findings that are valuable, but difficult to present. Definition of Key Terms Keep this brief, if extensive a glossary is required, which would belong in the appendices University of Copenhagen, between 22 and 27 July 2003 in Copenhagen, Otherwise, we will not be able to respond to the challenges of our time. As noted elsewhere (Locke, 2004), much research in sports … Young people in late-modern society need to develop their own identity and personal lifestyle. In conclusion, the current study concludes that firewood use is primarily driven by convenience. Graduate Theses and Dissertations Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations 2012 A qualitative study of the perceptions of first year El chapulín colorado y la psicología del deporte: herramientas narrativas en el trabajo con el fútbol venezolano, Factors that influence firewood use among electrified Bapedi households of Senwabarwana Villages, South Africa, The Organization of Transitions between Observing and Teaching in the Budo Class, New Approaches to Sport and Exercise Psychology, New approaches to Sport and Exercise Psychology, Qualitative aspects in performance analysis, Future Perspectives for a Possible State-of-the-Art in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Spor Bilimlerinde Nitel Araştırma Yaklaşımı. Opening with a discussion of the main traits of qualitative inquiry and its use in sport and physical activity, the authors provide a coherent and accessible overview of qualitative research using numerous examples to bring research alive. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Press. Background Previous research (Stelter, 2012, 2014; Stelter et al., 2011) has shown that group coaching can be considered quite applicable when it comes to developing and obtaining social fulfillment, general well-being, and experienced success. Coaching is increasingly applied in all life and work domains as a relatively new way to support learning and development of individuals and groups. In the burgeoning field of sport-for-development, the benefits of participation for youths have been widely discussed. community was carried out aiming to refine and improve the understanding of the nutrition at school implications in their daily lives.RESUMO: Esta pesquisa teve por objeto a alimentação escolar entre os Mbya Guarani que vivem na Ilha da Cotinha, litoral do Paraná, e foi orientada segundo o objetivo de desenvolver e aplicar instrumentos metodológicos adequados para um melhor conhecimento dascircunstâncias nas quais o Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PNAE) é executado em contextos de populações indígenas. Congress of Sport Psychology, a congress arranged by the Danish It provides a very good foundation for the application of reconstructive methods to teaching and research, since it follows the entire research process – from the development of a research question that acts as an entry point to a field of study. Qualitative Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health. Active citizenship is understood as the active experience of taking responsibility for one self and others in everyday life contexts (Korsgaard 2004). Our primary interest here is in how attraction shapes the qualitative research experience. Differ, Finally, the collection of articles contains, sincerely hope that you both enjoy and gain, University of Kiel, Germany. These societal changes are the basis for the existence of coaching and its prevalence, but they must also be the foundation for the way we employ coaching. Here, coaching might be the answer to some of our challenges, in life and at work. They can only make sense and grasp meaning through contextualisation. Sports research papers can be fascinating if prepared on a great topic. This person is not on ResearchGate, or hasn't claimed this research yet. th, ABSTRACT: The aim of this research was the food offered at school among the Mbya Guarani who live in Cotinha Isle, Parana coast, and its target was to develop and apply adequate methodological instruments for a better understanding of the circumstances in which the National Program of School Nutrition (PNAE) is run among the Indian peoples. •social cohesion among male youth in the local community The central and long-term ambition with the project is to develop community spirit and social capital by developing a common ground through a team sports project - and a coaching / mentor program. * Much sports fan research is still largely exploratory so the use of qualitative methods allows for unexpected developments that may arise as part of such research. Thus, the ethnography of school food of the Mbya. However, the results reveal a shift from dependence on firewood to other energy sources as household income and educational levels improve. An action research project as part of the new Centre for Team Sports and Health Following the sports physiological research, the women may need support in their attempts to continue staying physically active and in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. subjected to anonymous peer review. Semi-quantitative analysis of the drivers of firewood use among selected communities. It has been known that physical activity is vital to one’s holistic development and health. This paper presents qualitative research in sport management and suggests that case study is an appropriate qualitative methodology for research and practice in sport finance. The research is already published in both Danish and English as a book: Tredje generations coaching – en guide til narrativ-samskabende teori og praksis, published by Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, the Danish Psychology Publisher, in June 2012 and in English by Springer Science and Business Media, in 2014. Examples of the use of this approach, working with a professional soccer team as well as the national under-17 and under-20 soccer teams in Venezuela will be presented as a away of helping to open the discussion of the paradigmatic foundations of sports psychology. •their life skills in regard to communication, self-understanding, empathy and strengthen their identity by including the local community and the voluntary sector German and English translation might follow. These stories show us and influence the group's processes, establishing the referential frame from which experience will be interpreted. He is traine. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are the most commonly used psychological research approaches in sport psychology. Marketing is far, far more complex — professionals research the whole society to find how to transform and adapt sports to maximize popularity and revenue. Qualitative research has its own particular strengths and therefore is able to grasp the multidimensionality of meanings, contexts, unanticipated phenomena, processes and explanations which can be found in the world of sport, games and physical activity. Unlike past social development processes, today's changes affect the individual to such an extent that many people experience a growing sense of rootlessness, Combining team sports with coaching and mentoring The following article pretends to show some of the possible contribuitions narrative psychology can offer for the comprehension and intervention of the sprots phenomenon. ... Sports psychologists examine the connection between embodied conduct and concepts such as emotion (e.g., HANIN, 2003;LOCKE, 2003) and motivation (e.g., SCHUNK, 1995;SELFRIZ, DUDA & CHI, 1992). Psychosocial resilience captures the ability of young people to cope with adversity and to develop psychological resource and skills to handle psychosocial challenges Sport-for-Development: A Level Playing Field? Now included within Clarivate's SSCI/SCIE. In sport management, qualitative research is often conducted as a case study or case studies design, using semi-structured interviews as the primary means of data collection and some form of coding as the approach for data analysis (Shaw & Hoeber, 2016). The more convenient the source of energy, the more attractive it becomes to different households. We use cookies to improve your website experience. criteria in sport and physical activity (SPARKES, 2002). The study follows explanatory and exploratory methods of data analysis, through survey (structured interviews) and meta-analysis. This paper presents qualitative research in sport management and suggests that case study is an appropriate qualitative methodology for research and practice in sport finance. 5 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG. The lead photograph is courtesy of Aaron Crowe via Flickr. Sport and exercise psychology should be a field of scholarship and applied work which takes a stand with regard to these challenges which are related to questions like body and mind, play, games, psychological well-being, health, exercise adherence, human performance, group relations etc. qualitative research, in the hands of a small group of scholars, has emerged to. The purpose of qualitative methodology is presented along with the process of … Despite the diversity in content and form, all the articles have been selected Physical activity among students is essential for complimenting sedentary behavior and for individuals’ future health. Value reflections can be seen as a fundamental basis for human meaning making and a general orientation in life, which is especially important in the hypercomplexity So a qualitative method is appropriate to investigate these aspects, by examining the supporter's point of view. •psychosocial resilience in every participant of the project. A minimum of 30 participants will be included in each group (coaching vs. control). By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. In the research project the participants are offered group coaching (approx. We lack the answers to many of the day-to-day questions that our parents, teachers, leaders and other formal authorities previously could have easily given us the response, but today can only share their opinion and their own position with us – without necessarily helping us further. A new millennium is now dawning which gives us the possibility to rethink our traditional concepts and broaden our horizons by testing new ideas. Qualitative research methods can help to bring insights into the artistic and athletic context where injuries occur, and should be applied more often in sports medicine research. Today, it's simply not permitted. 5 participants per group) over the period of three months (a total of 6 x 90 minutes), while a comparable control group works independently without coaching. This paper presents the factors that influence firewood use among electrified Bapedi households in Senwabarwana Villages. The narrative approach has not been used much as a conceptul frame in sports psychology and yet the sports world is filled with narrations of legends, feats, failures, etc. There is certainly a need for the further development of sport and exercise psychology. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs030124, Qualitative Research in Sport Sciences—An Introduction, 1. We explore implications of this silence surrounding attraction and urge greater candidness among sociologists conducting field research and teachers of qualitative methods. One of the key findings of this paper is that firewood use is also a psychological and behavioural issue as well as an economic one. The importance of taking into account the context of injury, either in practice or research, is the main message of this thesis. The concepts of life skills, competencies, active citizenship and social capital will be central to the project, which intends to develop models that can also be applied in a larger scale in other socially challenged urban areas. As society changes, psychology must change with it, because psychology in general, and sport psychology in particular, should deal with individual and group behaviour in specific social contexts. a selection of articles which the editors would like to summarize under the Values give individuals a fundamental orientation for their work and Within a framework informed by the rhetoric of contemporary ethnography, philosophical hermeneutics, and nursing scholarship, this article focuses on the way data could be interpreted in qualitative health research. The project shall mark and promote a new trend in coaching and coaching psychology, which separates itself from pop coaching and the GROW model, etc. Major drivers of firewood use are household income, educational status of breadwinners, family size, and place of residence, fuel affordability and accessibility. eir life in general. Earlier practical and research experiences in this area has been presented by Nicholson and Hoye (2008), as one example. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health (2011 - current) Formerly known as. Abstract: Qualitative research has its own particular strengths and therefore is able to grasp the multidimensionality of meanings, contexts, unanticipated phenomena, processes and explanations which can be found in the world of sport, games and physical activity. 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