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I am pretty sure that it is the ‘Tribe of Issachar’ that is suspected to be our Hebrew descendency….On the Natives of ‘Americas & Caribbean’ side of our ancestry, of course. Since that time I found my Mother was a Pelayo Brambila from Santa Rosalia Jalisco and her father had betrothed her to another Pelayo a third cousin of my mothers. I know my DNA composition, and my Y happlogroup is R1b, which is from European atlantic in origin. a lot of my mom’s reltives have a middle eastern look to them. I don’t understand it but it grows deep in my heart I can’t explained…. Both of which are listed in different Sephardi sites n my mother’s family never stopped the practice of betrothal n intermarriage. Now that we have got your 99% sureness out of the way, because of some of the last names, with the geography mentioned researching this using correct methodology Im sure you can turn up some information that at least would indicate the possibility of you being of Crypto Jewish background. It common for Jews to marry their cousins to avoid diluting the genes, as a result most of the people of Cotija have intermarried and are basically all related each other. An example would be Reuben ben Issac (Reuben son of Issac). The main question is do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? were the same they never went. I liked that B‑21 was able to rapidly fill my order for a wine that was previously unavailable in Florida. Hope this info steers you in the right direction. I would hope not. You have every right to believe what you want and so do I. COMING INCLUDING THE HEAP, THE SYSTEM SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE, FOR ANY ERRORS AGAIN UNTIL THE ENTRY OF HIM. She would tell us about the Encontre mi apellido en la lista de Judios Sefarditas, toda mi familia es de Monterrey N. L. Mexico y tengo el mismo apellido de padre y madre, como puedo estar segura que mi familia deciende de Judios? I always wondered if ‘Garrido’ was Mexican, or Spanish, then I received the names of my DNA matches: Campos Haro, Serrano-Castillo, Luna, Ventresca, Herrera, Rodriguez, Cabrera – I’m being told that these are Jewish Mexican ancestors. Would be great to exchange more information. I also have Tlaxcala ancestry. My fraternal grandparents were from Coahuila,Mex. Thank you. Some of our family traditions and first names difinately fit the mold. I think we all as humans have all suffered hardships. If you have further questions post them and I’ll help you if I can. However, if your results show affinity to the Near East or to North Africa, that would make a very compelling argument for Jewish ancestry — specially on the maternal side — but again not having these results doesn’t deny ancestry. My favorite is – gallina pinta which is the Jewish equivalent to the posole, but it has beef, pinto beans and homony. This rare and costly compilation, which was a few years ago published by the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Kingsborough, has hitherto been little known beyond the libraries of Universities, and those of a few Noblemen. Me alegra mucho saber que hay otros en busca de su verdad. I’m sorry if this accidentally posts twice. I can be reached at my Community email address: Although I am an Ashkenazi Jew whose family never had to hide their identity, it fills me with great pride, joy, and respect to see so many fellow human beings rediscovering their Jewish heritage, which, unfortunately, had to be hidden for centuries. What is the source of their faith?This was not the first time I’d asked these questions. I am looking for any information on this name and the other family names: Zarate-Ayala Rodriguez, Maternal Grandmother: Maria Zarate-Ayala (Rodriguez) However, I have never found evidence that my ancestors were jews. My grandmother’s family was from Spain with Sephardic family names but originally they migrated to Spain from Belgium in the medieval times. My brother Alex is a dead ringer for Don Porfirio. How they were able to get there He was apparently a soldier in Pancho Villa’s army and ended up in Uvalde, Texas to save his life. It’s best to go to the source when wanting to find out more about an issue related to a religion (not trying to get into religious debate here either…just pointing people in the right direction). I was just trying to research something in a dream and stumbled upon this. I am able to trace my family up to the 1700’s so far. I personally dont hold alot of trust in names in general as they were changed often. That is why the police said he drunk himself to death. Honestly I don’t know much and yet I may know more than others who are also doing genealogy. Have you ever studied carefully how the jewish people that you call “royal” got to be in the kingdoms? This means that any European Jewish ancestry reported in anyone’s DNA profile is not Sephardic, so it is not indicative of “converso” ancestry. I’m glad I’m not of a jew decent my grandpa’s dad was a nazi and escaped on boat to mexico i still have his stuff. My family surname is AYON. Quick point here and last time I will engage you on this topic. (Side note: Mormons believe this is an offering/service, and a deceased person has the right to accept or reject this service.) He may have already been mixed with the Spanish, I don’t know but I do know that the last name Lope is Jewish and was changed to Lopez for hiding purposes. Will it be to embrace the Jewish heritage that our ancestors were forced to give up or simply adhere to that which you have always followed? WHEN JEWA WERE FORCED TO CONVERT, THEY WERE TO TAKE CRISTIAN OR LATINIZED NAMES. When I was a kid growing up we never had anything to do with my Mothers family n we did not know why. I sac , MOises Jimenez in Philippines . I don’t know if I have jewish blood or not thats why I am looking for realatives by the last name Serranos from Teul de Gonzales Ortega or Santa Maria or Tepechitlan. There are currently many Hispanic Jews that are in the process of trying to figure out exactly how they ended up with Sephardic last names yet their dna shows up Ashkenazi. Dr. Mario Espinoza, a Mexicali obstetrician-gynecologist, spoke about his certainty that he’s descended from Jews forcibly converted to Christianity centuries ago. I can’t seem to get back any farther than the 4th generation and would love to hire a genealogist to do the work in Monterrey. This post has become quite popular (it gets more comments than all my other posts combined) thanks to mention on a genealogy site, and a site on the history of the Sephardic diaspora.Â, Unfortunately, it was also linked to an anti-Semitic website, and I was forced to change the comment settings for this post to require that I approve any new commentator.  At the same time, because I started to get comments on my site from neo (and retro) -Nazis I created a list of key words that would be used in normal discussions on this post’s topics, but would require the post to be approved before it appears.  Apologies in advance for any minor inconveniences.Â. O JavaScript parece estar desabilitado no seu navegador. Mateo, De Montemayor Rodriguez – 1641 My mom is from la piedad Michoacan and my dad is from Mexico City. I know that my maternal last name Pereira can be spelled in 4 ways – If considered a full non-Jewish you will spell if from Spain Pereyda. My mom was from Mexico. I am also from Louisiana and have traced our genealogy to the Trevino, Perez & de Luna families in Bexar county, Texas. My family line is complicated and there are some unknowns on my father’s side. Have there been any “overzealous” members that have violated this “official” policy and what steps have been taken by the Church to eliminate it from their Temples? A 25 US$ donation is 450 pesos. As far as name goes,especially surnames, I just wonder if most of us from Latin America and also Mexico. Also, of note, is only allowed to be there (most LDS people know this to be true) under the condition to not proselyte in Israel. A Governor named Carbajal — New Mexico? Both my grandparents on both sides are now dead. The Chichimeca, who defeated the Spanish outright also demanded usually red haired hostages as booty. My father was born in Chihuahua Mexico She made capirotada. I wish the “rumors” could have been confirmed some other way. Thanks for the kind words Delfina, wish you the best in your search for your proper truth, however I am not the host of this tread it is richmx, I am simply a person who in some small way tries assist those who are searching and connecting them with reliable sources. Lançada em 1975, é distribuída para mais de 90 países. The University of Arizona may have some information for you though. Finally; a bone doctor in Salt Lake City, who had studied at Mayo clinic had heard of several rare diseases while doing his residency there. MY FAMILY IS FROM JALISCO-CHAPALA AREA,EL SALTO DE JUANACATLANAREA,TEPATLAN-CENTER OF LOS ALTOS DE JALISCO SETTLE BY JUDIOS SEFARDITAS;AREA KNOWN AS LA PEQUENA PALESTINA UNDERGROUND. The Inquisition was never as virulent in Mexico as it was in Spain, where more than 4,000 people were burned at the stake. To often site and email list managers do not understand that although we respect the principle of freedom of speech there are limits. It cannot be blamed on Mexicans.” I have no known relatives in Guanajuato, although San Luis Potosi is close by!!! In fact, because of the way Northern New Mexico Families intermarried. So, if your name was Lua, and you were able to trace your family to regions in Portugal with strong Jewish presence, and your family retained customs like sweeping toward the center of the room and only marrying “our kind”, and your DNA shows affinity to North Africa, then you may have a compelling argument — not definite proof, but a compelling argument nonetheless. My dad always loved banuelos and capidotada. ... Vega Sicilia Unico 2010. I traced my maternal side 7 generations back all from nuevo leon, moneterrey. I now assuming that the Linaga from southern Philippines did not come directly from Portugal, but from New Spain possibly. seems like someone (namely you) are carrying on a conversation with your mirror. Thanks Ron! TODAY THEIR DECENDENTS IN MEXICO GO BY ARRAIGA O ARRIAGA. Is it true that it originated w/ the Conquistadores to describe the “conversos” onboard their ships. Also, there was some Jewish immigration to Mexico from Austria and other “German states”, upon the ‘invitation’ of Emperor Maximilian I, in the 1860’s…There was also some Jewish immigration to Mexico from “Europe” (most likely Ashkenazim), during WWII… In another matter of interest, I have found unfortunate info about a ‘Martinez’ from El Salvador. hello joel, I am from Laredo Tx and im a descendent of Leonardo Sanchez brother of Tomas the founder od Laredo. She’s married to Zacarias Paradero. I very seldom visit this thread (which took on a life of its own years ago), but the Inquisition seems to loom much larger in legend than it ever did in reality.

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